Karma Yoga Retreats

2015 Karma Yoga Retreat August 6-10th (dates to be finalized by May 1st)

Join us for a life-changing immersion adventure in Jiquilillo, Nicaragua!

“Serving is different from fixing. When I fix a person I perceive them as broken, and their brokenness requires me to act. When I fix I do not see the wholeness in the other person or trust the integrity of the life in them. When I serve I see and trust that wholeness. We can only serve that to which we are profoundly connected, that which we are willing to touch..” ~ Rachel Naomi Remen

Why this retreat?

This retreat is unique in that we encourage participants to interact with locals throughout the entirety of the trip. Several local young adults will be joining us daily for yoga and collaborative community action projects. At meals together, you can practice your Spanish and form new friendships.  Participate in coaching and focused group discussions throughout the trip that will further your learning and personal growth.  Community action projects will include working with children and teenagers at a local community center, leading a beach clean-up, cooking and serving food for people living at the Chinandega garbage dump, and working one-on-one with local teenagers on a global community awareness project.

Part of your tuition will provide a donation to the Shakti Youth Project (www.shaktiyouthproject.org). Furthermore, 30% of your room and board to Monty’s Beach Lodge will be funding community projects in Jiquilillo, Nicaragua. Just by joining the trip, you are investing in the local residents and youth.


Dates: August 6-10th
Tuition: $1095 includes 5 nights of beachfront accommodations, 3 delicious, authentically prepared meals a day, secure air-conditioned transportation to and from Managua airport, daily yoga practice, 3 community service activities, a volcano hike, and a mangrove estuary boat tour.  Also includes unlimited access to surf boards, sea kayaks, and boogie-boards.

Transportation: While all in-country transportation is provided, you are responsible for your own transportation to/from Managua.  R/T flights from DC usually cost between $400-700.  We ask that you arrange for flights that arrive before 1 pm on Saturday and return the no earlier than 12pm on the 2nd.  If you must fly at other times or if your travel is delayed, you will be charged an additional $120 transport fee.  Additional nights at Monty’s cost between 70-90 dollars. We encourage you to invest in travel insurance for your trip!

Accommodations: We will be living in a rural and impoverished part of Nicaragua. Therefore, part of the adventure of this trip is living simply while we are there! We will spend 5 nights in a simple and beautiful beach lodge. 1-2 person rooms with shared baths, fans, and mosquito nets on the beds. There are cold showers and you may see some animal life during your stay (i.e., bats overhead or a crab crawling by). We will do everything to keep you safe and comfortable! We ask, though, that you join us with an open mind.

Where can I get more information?

Our previous two trips have met with great success! Visit Elizabeth’s website at http://www.elizabethauten.com for photos!  Visit Christen’s website at http://www.theyogashrink.com.

How do I sign up?

Please email Elizabeth Auten at elizabeth.f.auten@gmail.com and submit a $300 deposit (per person) by June 1st to confirm your space on the trip.  All additional fees must be received by July 20th, 2015.


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