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Check out some of the great events we’ve held in the past year:

Karma Yoga trip II

JIQUILILLO, NICARAGUA August, 2014Shakti at Conseguina

Elizabeth Auten (MSW, RYT-200, Founding Director) and Christen Iannone (PsycD, E-RYT-200, SYP Board Member) led their second successful Nicaragua retreat this past August.  Elizabeth spent the month of July in the country, leading activities with local SYP youth, including a kayaking trip, visits to museums, beach clean-ups and yoga.  In August, 10 retreat participants joined Christen and Elizabeth in 6 days of community-building and fun!  Our retreat activities included a community beach clean-up, school visits, yoga on the beach, a dance party, and a volcano hike with the SYP youth.

You can see more pictures here!

November Meditation Challenge 2014


“The quieter you become, the more you can hear.” – Ram Dass

Emails. Texts. Facebook posts. Twitter feeds. If we stop to think about the constant flood of information we face every day, from our phones, computers, TVs and even coworkers, friends and family members, the amount we take in is staggering. It’s easy to become overwhelmed in the chaos of our daily lives, and even easier to get lost in the constant buzz or caught up on the thoughts racing through our minds. But what would be possible if we could tune it all out, even for just five minutes?

Meditation, like the physical poses, is an essential part of practicing yoga. And it’s exactly that, a practice. Meditation is a chance to restart, to look inward, to notice what’s going through your head and to acknowledge you are not your thoughts.

For the month of November, join students, teachers, and supporters of Shakti Youth Project as we practice the art of daily meditation. Whether you’re brand new to the idea or already have a daily practice, commit to 5-10 minutes of mindful meditation every day for 30 days and help us reach our fall fundraising goal of $1000 by November 30.

Ready to start today?  Go ahead!  Take a seat and begin your meditation.  Then take a few minutes to set up your own fundraising webpage at and spread the word about what your meditation practice does for you!

Yoga, Sun, and Fun!  Join us for Little River Yoga’s annual Summer Solstice celebration Friday, June 21st in Falls Church, Virginia. 50% of proceeds benefit Shakti!  More details here:

Eat, eat, eat for SYP! Grab your friends and family and head to Lebanese Taverna on April 21st where 20% of your bill will be donated to the Shakti Youth Project cause. See flyer below for more details and follow us on Facebook or Twitter to find out about future partnerships and promotions.

Shakti Lebanese Taverna

180 for SYP Campaign (2012)

Thank you to our amazing participants in 2012. We reached our goal of $3,000! Please join us next year!

180degrees for SYP

Attention, world, we’re ready to turn you upside down! The Shakti Youth Project board of directors is excited to announce our first ever fundraising campaign to support our fall 2012 pilot youth programs: 180° for SYP!

Join us on our journey to complete 180 handstands in 45 days by signing up to take the challenge or supporting one of our very brave handstand-ers. Ready to shift your perspective? Then commit to getting upside down a few times a day, for 45 days, starting September 15th. Take pictures, share your experiences and help us tell our story. Not quite ready to fly that high? Then sponsor someone per handstand, donate to the full 180° for SYP team or help us spread the word to potential friends and supporters!

And fear not, because a “handstand” can be whatever you want it to be – walking your feet up the wall (with your body in an L shape), kicking up with frog leaps and holding for a split second, or starting with a tripod headstand just to build strength. What it looks like doesn’t matter, as long as you get yourself upside down every day.

Commit to turning your world 180 degrees in 45 days!  While this is a fundraiser, our main purpose is to empower our supporters, volunteers and friends to take action themselves.  By taking action, we inspire the youth around us to be powerful too.  We encourage all of our participants to not just do handstands or headstands, but to connect with someone while doing it – by getting upside down outside or in a public area, inviting friends to participate in the challenge, or by teaching a child in your life how to jump in and turn everything upside down.

The Challenge: By signing up for this challenge, participants are committing to doing 180 inversions (handstands/headstands/tripods) in 45 days.

The Dates: September 15-October 29th, 2012. Join us next year!

The Commitment: We ask that you commit to yourself to getting upside at least once a day, every day. Throughout the process, please share your experiences with us by posting on our website or on Facebook and Twitter. Finally, we ask that you commit to a fundraising goal and encourage your friends and networks to support you and SYP through our fundraising page at

Taking the First Steps: Poke around our website for more info on how to sign up and for tips on how to get into your first handstand. You can also join us at our kickoff  No Fear Handstand workshop on September 15 at Little River Yoga, Ashtanga Mysore in Arlington.

10 Steps to turning your world 180 degrees:

  1. Sign up below.  Respond to your welcome email with a photo of yourself (preferably in a handstand or another yoga pose).  We respect your privacy, and ask for contact information only so that we can properly thank you and invite you to special events.
  2. Post on Facebook that you are committing to this campaign!
  3.  Personally invite 3 friends to participate.
  4. Attend our opening event and learn tricks for how to do a successful handstand on Saturday, September 15th @ 1:30pm Little River Yoga in Arlington, Virginia.
  5. Starting September 1st, contact your five biggest donors and ask them to donate FIRST.   Publicly thank supporters for their donation if appropriate.
  6. Put it out there for everyone…Tweet, Facebook, Email, Talk – let people know what you are doing and why!
  7. Do a handstand in a new public place 1x/week… and take a picture of it to share.
  8. Post pictures or updates weekly (ex: “Last week, I couldn’t get my legs all the way up.  Today, I kicked up against the wall and stayed for 3 seconds!  I feel powerful!”).
  9. Write a thank you letter or email to everyone who donated to support you.
  10. Join us to celebrate your success and meet and greet with other participants on Monday, October 29th!

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