Past Projects

Jiquilillo, Nicaragua

In March, 2012, Elizabeth completed a 2 month project with 7 teenagers from a small fishing village in Nicaragua.  These youth were encouraged to explore their world and express themselves through yoga, photojournalism, and local travel.  On January 21st, the teens traveled with Elizabeth on three buses, 2 taxis, 2 tri-cycles and a lot of walking to explore the city of Leon – their first time in the big city!  In February, the group climbed Volcano Conseguina.

The youth celebrated their completion of the program with a community slideshow and movie night.  Over 70 community members showed up to support the youth and hear them talk about why they love yoga and their many adventures as a team.  Learn more about these teens and the Nicaragua project on Elizabeth’s blog at

Join us for Karma Yoga Nicaragua in 2014!  More details TBA.

Swanson Middle School Pilot 2012-2013

Classes are in full swing with 10 participants and growing!  6th-8th graders at the Arlington County Public Middle School  join Elizabeth every Tuesday and Thursday morning bright and early at 7:20am for 20 minutes of meditation, asana, and reflection.

Young Achievers/Argus House Spring 2013

From January 2013-June 2013, Elizabeth Auten led a weekly program with five to eight participants from the Young Achievers Program at the Argus House, a court-run program for adolescent boys in Arlington County.  The participants’ enthusiasm led to the addition of a second weekly class in June with a group of 10-12 Argus House live-in residents.  Be sure to read the June 2013 Washington Post article highlighting the program’s success!


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