Local Projects

Young Achievers/Argus House 2013-Present Day

From January 2013- Fall 2017, founder Elizabeth Auten led a weekly program with 5-9 participants from the Young Achievers Program at the Argus House, a court-run program for adolescent boys in Arlington County.  The participants’ enthusiasm led to the addition of a second weekly class in June, 2017-2018 with a group of 10-12 Argus House live-in residents.  Be sure to read the June 2013 Washington Post article highlighting the program’s success!

Weekly classes at Young Achievers Program continue in the current 2018-2019 school year, thanks to the dedication of our volunteers!

Northern Virginia Juvenile Detention Center 2014-2018

Swanson Middle School 2012-2017

Swanson Middle School Pilot Program 2012-2013

2013 update: Classes are in full swing with 10 participants and growing!  6th-8th graders at the Arlington County Public Middle School  join Elizabeth every Tuesday and Thursday morning bright and early at 7:20am for 20 minutes of meditation, asana, and reflection.




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